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Illuminate Plymouth 2019…

Illuminate Plymouth | 28th November – 1st December 2019

Plymouth is an ambitious and inspiring city, which is so easy to fall in love with.  It is full of beauty and innovation at every turn. There is always something wonderful to see, do or be part of.

One of those things has soon become the city’s best-loved free outdoor event. It welcomes thousands of people of all ages each year. Running across four FABULOUS days  …

Illuminate Plymouth has added a real richness to Plymouth’s dynamic and eclectic programme of events and activities. It’s a series of dazzling installations and projections that not only make Plymouth shine brightly, also provide the most vibrant, fun and inspiring experience for EVERYONE!

The festival will run this year from 28th November – 1st December from the festival centre at Royal William Yard.

Yet this year there is more!

New for 2019 there will be additional light installations at the Barbican, the Watefront and Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park.

Illuminate is a free event. Open to families and people of all ages. The installations can be viewed by boat, on foot or  bike. You can wander around and explore the works at your leisure. Or perhaps follow one of the dedicated routes which enhance the experience.

This 4-day event will open the Mayflower 400 commemorations, and is inspired by the values of freedom, humanity, imagination, and future. The festival offers a host of workshops, installations, performances and projections with various opportunities for you to take part in activities or simply wonder at the spectacular illuminations.


Claire Honey, Project Manager for the festival, said: “In 2018, Illuminate stunned with incredible light installations, interactive artworks and spectacular projections from local, national and international artists. The festival was enjoyed by over 28,000 people across the four days. Now a multi-site festival we’re really excited to welcome new artists creating awe-inspiring light art to inspire visitors of all ages.”

Adrian Vinken OBE, Chair Mayflower 400 and Destination Plymouth, said: “Growing on the back of previous years’ festivals Illuminate has become a real highlight in Plymouth’s annual events calendar. It’s such a special event and we’re thrilled that this year it will act as the opening moment of the Mayflower 400 commemorations, not just in Plymouth but across the whole country.”

Proud Partners of Illuminate for the second year running. We are thrilled to be supporting people to stay and enjoy the totality of the festival. Our guests receive 20% off their stay by simply using the promotional code LIGHTS19.


What Makes A Special Board Special…

Sense of place and seasonality are key elements when it comes to eating out in Plymouth. The food scene in the city is sensational. With an eclectic and diverse offering for all tastes and inclinations.

There is no shortage of exceptional and locally produced ingredients to inspire the cities top chefs.

Perhaps not a restaurant that would first spring to mind, yet certainly adding to this impressive catalogue is Steve’s Brasserie. The New Continental Hotel’s in-house restaurant open from 5.30pm between Monday and Saturday.

A new creation from New Continental Groups Executive Chef, Lee Holland is our Special board. Taking pride of place at the main reception, it’s been tempting diners and hotel guests with seasonal offerings.

Executive Chef …

Lee explains: “Introducing a Specials board to Steve’s Brasserie means that the bounties of the season can play centre stage and be the real stars of the dishes. Autumn was the perfect time for me to introduce a Specials board.  It’s possibly one of the year’s most rewarding seasons in terms of ingredients. Apples and pears, squashes and pumpkins; a fine selection of mushrooms and the beginning of the game season. As the shorter, darker nights draw in, the soups, stews and broths come into their own and will certainly form part of the offerings in coming weeks!”

When the cooler weather hits, it signifies change, making it the perfect time to introduce new menu items and special, limited offerings. The daily Specials board has already proved popular with diners and hotel guests and each day we are all excited to see what the nights creations will be.



To book your table, call us today on 01752 276798. Not only does Steve’s Brasserie have the Specials board, but an Early Evening menu which is perfect for diners on the go. There is a fabulous full Evening menu with coffee and desserts. Of course, not forgetting the infamous Pizza oven and amazing selection of sides. There really is something for everyone!

Sure Hotel Collection…

New Continental Hotel Partners With Best Western Great Britain Brand…

It’s been an incredibly exciting two weeks for everyone at the New Continental Hotel.

On Tuesday 15th October 2019, the New Continental Hotel joined the Best Western Great Britain brand; to sit within their Sure Hotel Collection.

As a proudly independently operated hotel, Best Western was the perfect choice. The partnership enables the hotel to remain independent and keep complete autonomy over the running and direction of our growth; and allows the flexibility to maximise our independence…

“We are delighted to join Best Western’s new Sure Hotel Collection. We were looking for a brand that would allow us to continue operating independently but could give us access to all the benefits that come with being part of a global brand. With Best Western’s new range of soft brands, it makes the perfect fit.

Plymouth is a popular destination for leisure and business travellers alike and we look forward to welcoming new and regular guests to our property under the new Sure Hotel Collection umbrella.”

Bobbie Hajiyianni, New Continental Hotel 


As the hospitality sector becomes more venturesome and advanced, it affords more opportunities and opens more doors to exciting possibilities. If you have the right offering, one that is not only well executed but also led by passion, and you have access to the right support.

It’s the perfect formula…

The combination of our family hospitality, our knowledge and experience, our loyal and dedicated staff and our pride for Plymouth; fused with their distribution, access a global loyalty scheme and benefit from new sales, marketing and revenue technologies is a truly exciting collaboration. Not only for the hotel, but for Plymouth too.

The Best Western brand empowers independent hotel owners to take all the opportunities and really thrive; and we’re excited to see what the future holds…

Rob Paterson, CEO at Best Western Great Britain, added: “We’re delighted to welcome the New Continental Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection to our family of brands. Best Western now has brands to suit every guest, from economy to luxury, across over 260 locations in Great Britain. We look forward to working in partnership with the team at the hotel to showcase and celebrate their hotel both locally and globally.”

What we are perhaps most excited by is the access we will have to a range of tools and expertise to support in driving tourism to Plymouth.

What will not be changing is our determination to provide a consistent and reliable experience to ALL of our guests…

As a Grade II Listed hotel, full of charm and centrally located, the hotel has always been popular with  business travellers and leisure guests alike, but with the support of Best Western we are certain that not only will more guests connect with the hotel, but with Plymouth as a destination too.


A very special date for your diary…

Having a dream is one thing; making it happen is another…

There are people that inspire millions through their bravery, curiosity and life’s work. Individuals that’s difference, is what makes the difference.

They might be artists; CEO’s; authors; scientists; community leaders; athletes … basically, an inspirational person is that someone who challenges the status quo. That someone who thrusts through said limits of human capacities. That someone who evokes wonderment in our hopes, dreams and imaginations.

Someone that has captures our hearts…

One of those people for us is someone who significantly and triumphantly changed Plymouth, Politics and Perceptions forever. She made people, especially women, feel that the possibilities were endless. That any limits which had been put upon them could be surmounted.

In December 1919, Nancy Astor became the first female MP to take her seat in the House of Commons. One seat alongside 706 men. A turning point towards equality and the beginning of a story, a story we are still writing, but a light that sparked possibility for everyone.

This is not only a terrific tale about a women who marched through barriers and who was triumphant in changing the landscape of Politics. This was a women of strength, curiosity, bravery and vision in so many other ways too.

A woman who came from America to the UK after a divorce; who went on to re-marry and have five children. Who supported and empowered her husband to shine. A woman who fell in love with Plymouth and who was proud of the many riches; yet could see even more possibility and potential. A women who swallowed the fear and used her voice, even though at the time it was a voice sharing a very bold message.

Actions speak louder than words…

There are many amazing people that have added to Plymouth’s patchwork; Lady Nancy Astor was one of them.

On November 28th from 12:30pm, there will be a great celebration of the passion and purpose that ran through the veins of this remarkable lady. After a large Crowdfunding campaign, Lady Astor Statue Appeal has unlocked the funding (and the hearts of all) and have built a statue a Lady Astor which will be unveiled on the 28th November.

This will not only commemorate this momentous event where Lady Astor is back in Plymouth, but also celebrate 100 years since the first woman walked the corridors of power, representing the men, women and children of Plymouth.

There will be an AMAZING VIP to unveil the first statue of the first woman in Parliament. There will be so much happening, combined with a truly sensational atmosphere whereby everyone there will be celebrating a century of increased equality, democracy and freedom and a change that the people of Plymouth made happen.

EVERYONE is welcome to see a dream come true on The Hoe, on 28th November, from 12:30pm.

International Men’s Day Conference | Plymouth 2019

At the New Continental Hotel, we are all about days that celebrate people. People who do amazing things; people that support amazing things to happen and people who form part of the amazing community in which we live.

That’s why we are so very proud to be one of the sponsors of the International Men’s Day Conference 2019 on Tuesday 19th November 2019.

A good ‘International’ day of recognition is exactly what we love. To celebrate and to acknowledge; to guide and support and to bring together all the great people that surround us.

International Men’s Day (IMD) is far from being an antithesis to International Women’s Day. In fact, the day marks ways we can all work together. Ways in which we can change gender stereotyping and discrimination – just this time, the lens is on men!

This annual day of recognition was started in 1992. It has grown each year exponentially and is now being celebrated in over 70 countries around the world. Proving that it’s a really powerful day -and a day that has really powerful outcomes.

Our Difference Is What Makes A Difference…

This is not only a day that celebrates positive role models in Plymouth. It’s also a day that puts narrative over some of the issues that affect men; whilst helping to raise awareness of some very real challenges.

There are some incredible topics that will be covered during the conference. Even if they aren’t topics that affect us directly – they are topics that most definitely will impact all of us indirectly.

This is a day that talks inclusively about topics. Topics such as men’s health; diversity; toxic masculinity; coping with bereavement and the prevalence of male suicide.  The biggest killer in young men here in the UK is sadly suicide. So, it’s vitally important that we ensure boys and men are supported and given the tools they need to ask for help.

Your attendance on November 19th is the most important and powerful way that you can show those that need it most, that they are not alone. That there are positive role models, that there are success stories and many people waiting to listen. The visual sign of togetherness is what will show everyone the very tangible signs of the support they have in the city.

Centre Stage…

There is a tremendous line up of inspirational speakers, sensational exhibitors and there will be amazing opportunities to create new friendships, to mingle and meet new people and new contacts. What’s more, the opportunity to learn and grow from each other’s experiences and from the various organisations supporting the conference.

It is so important that everyone feels supported, empowered and enabled. We may have separate days to recognise and support individuals, but knowing that everyone has a time and a space to feel that they have a moment to breath, to feel supported is an essential element of a strong community.

The Plymouth conference aims to celebrate positive male role models, provide a forum for open discussion and provide access to health care support.

Throughout the afternoon there will not only be time to hear from local and national speakers, but also time to step off the treadmill and take a moment to connect, or perhaps reconnect with others in Plymouth

Further information can be found on the website and by following Plymouth International Men’s Day on Facebook and Twitter

We look forward to welcoming you to Plymouth’s inaugural International Men’s Day Conference 2019

Please share this great occasion with friends and family on social media.


Twinkling Lights & Cosy Nights…

Be Enchanted This Winter…

Stay in Plymouth for a night or two. Soak up the enchanting wonder of winter in our city by the sea. Choose from our lowest rates and best prices ever.  You’ll have a ‘Ding Dong Merrily’ good time..!

There’s no escaping it; we have descended into nights that are drawing in; central heating that is on and a definite crisp feel when we wake in the mornings! White wine no longer lines our fridges, but red wine starts to fill the racks!  Winter is upon us!

It’s just too easy to shy away and long for summer to come back! At the New Continental Hotel,  we have decided to take the Winter lens and place it firmly over Plymouth.  Saying goodbye to palm trees, and hello pine ones!

Join us as we embrace the new season; as we look forward to what’s soon to come.  So,wrap up in your big winter coat. Let’s start thinking and planning for the most wonderful time of the year.

Let’s all celebrate Plymouth; the most magical place to plan our festive fun and let’s all see why staying at the New Continental Hotel not only gives you the warmest of welcomes – but lots of seasonal savings too!


Christmas Shopper Special | 20% OFF your entire stay between 16th – 20th December 2019

Here in Britain’s Ocean City the skies always sparkle with Christmas Lights around mid-November. The big switch on is revealed, the markets are in full swing and the late-night shopping commences. Crowds stroll through the magical pine cabin lined streets with their ears ringing with sleigh bells jinglin’ and best of all; aromas from street food stalls and fabulous restaurants fill the air with warming and delicious treats for overindulging!



Illuminate 2019 | 20% OFF between 28th November – 1st December 2019

As twilight falls it’s not only the city centre where the magic begins, especially between the 28th November and the 1st December thanks to Plymouth’s Illuminate.

Visitors walk under the welcoming arches of the Royal William Yard and into a world festooned with cheer and wonder. Weaving between the history of the listed buildings and beneath the night sky, buildings are drenched in light with projection mapping; playful installations and interactive artworks. What’s more, for 2019 this incredible light-based festival includes dazzling sights and lights across the Barbican and Mount Edgecumbe to add to the incredible displays.



Winter Breaks | 15% OFF your entire stay in ANY room between 28th October – 23rd December

Gathering in both excitement and anticipation in equal measure, guests staying in Plymouth this Winter and Christmas time will not be disappointed with the remarkable culture on offer.

From wreath making workshops, paper-making craft shops, live theatre, carol singing and street performances; Plymouth’s cultural stocking is full of seasonal offers and events for all the family to enjoy in the run-up to the holidays. Friends near and far will also surely be in awe of the bedazzling over-sized outdoor installations of Christmas baubles and reindeer’s lighting up your #instachristmas!


Not only is Plymouth the most beautiful city by the sea, but also a winter wonderland that has been themed and crafted for everyone’s enjoyment. With huge Christmas Tree’s, spectacular activities and events, all surrounded by unique independent boutiques, sparkling lights and what’s more, when you stay with us, the cosiest of nights.


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