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Five Minutes With | Hospitality Does Fitness…

Whats it really Like working in hospitality..?

Each week, the New Continental Hotel will hold five-minute interviews, allowing these hospitality gurus to prove that this sector really is the perfect place to be.

So, settle comfortably as we delve into our first  five-minute interview with our Club Continental Manager…

Name: Adam Position: Manager of Club Continental

How long have you worked in the Tourism & Hospitality Sector?
I have worked within the Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality sector for over 22 years.

How does it feel being part of the New Continental Hotel Family?
To be absolutely honest, it’s like a second home for me. It feels like one big happy family and I am truly proud to be part of it.
There are lots of changes planned for Plymouth in the gear up to 2020, how might this affect you and your department? Plymouth is a beautiful city and it is fantastic to watch its growth over the years. There are interesting times ahead, especially with all the redevelopments going on. Hopefully with all the plans I have in place for Club Continental we can successfully continue to grow and strengthen our brand whilst ensuring all of our members continue to benefit from the club and the city alike.

What’s involved in running a Leisure Club..?

Tell us about a day in your life?
A typical day consists of: Up at 5am On PT days I will have my first client (s) at 6am, then steady throughout the day, combining that with coaching and running Club Continental. I always make time for my own training sessions too!

What does running Club Continental look like?
I am responsibility for personal health, safety and welfare of staff, members and guests. As well as the overall management of Club Continental; for all aspects of the business as well as its future growth. Although part of the New Continental Hotel, we have a separate budget and different methods of working. The sector is one of few that are able to straddle the changes in trends to ensure we are always relevant, so keeping my finger on global trends and what’s hot and not within my practise is really important. Our clients at Club Continental and members have very different demands, desires and needs, so I work hard to make sure we are fit for purpose for everyone.

It’s a busy job, with a huge amount of challenges but with that also comes some really exciting opportunities. I see the Health & Fitness sector growing exponentially in coming years’; I really believe it is on-track to become a vehicle that reconnects people and creates community, so there’s a lot of potential and huge gains to be made. It’s an exciting time.

“Helping people develop and achieve their goals…”

What’s the most rewarding/enjoyable part of your job?
Helping people develop and achieve their goals. I think I am also most proud of the community we have built within the Club. The way that my staff empower the members and guests to make dramatic life changes and achieve their own body and fitness goals. My team and I have built a strong business over the years and I honestly put that down to the fact we all really care. I know with their hard work, passion and commitment Club Continental will go from strength to strength. My team are also what makes my job so enjoyable. They all individually work hard to achieve their own goals and always bring with them an amazing energy. They all really champion the Club ethos.
I’m so proud of the community we’ve built.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I will carry on doing what I am doing, helping build the Club and continue to run AD Fitness & Performance.

What can people do to get into hospitality..?

What advice would you give anyone looking to get into our sector?
If you work hard and stay focused you can do anything. This is a great sector to be in if your natural aptitudes are geared towards health and fitness, we basically share our knowledge & passion with people, in a setting that feels like home! There are outstanding people joining our industry, all passionate about what they do. I love the different styles and influences they bring with them, my advice would always be do what you love.  From YouTube Vloggers to Instagram Masters – use what you know as your point of difference and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.

If you can, experience Uni!  Keep your values and invest in the right people – we’re lucky enough to have staff that have been here for years and that is because they really look after our guests and members and really care about them. That’s not just a line, they genuinely care.



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