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  • The History Of Holidaying..!

    It’s really no big surprise to us that the UK receives more than 30 million tourists a year! Which ranks us in the top 10 most visited countries in the whole world!  When you work in Tourism, you see first-hand how truly blessed we are here in Plymouth; with our hugely diverse landscape, sandy beaches […]

  • JOG Your Memory | Student Life | Join The Gym!

    JUST £0.66p A DAY! (Less than two pints of milk!) Working out is a great way to relax and boost your mood; but studies also show that healthy, active students are more productive in lectures too. Tiring as it sounds, thinking about adding the Gym to your already hectic schedules, what’s great about working out […]

  • Wedding Trends 2019…

    Do you ever go to a wedding and think, This is magical? The colour scheme, the little touches, the detail, the planning; sometimes just the eye of the couple getting married who pulled it all together. Magical doesn’t have to mean expensive. For some of us, an all-white bouquet would look like a giant golf […]

  • How We Are Getting Ready For 2020…

    Eating Up The Past! Our Kitchen Prepares For 2020 Celebrations… We talk to Executive Chef Paul Doidge… As 2020 approaches, the celebration of the Mayflower voyage 400 years ago is on the horizon, and we are really excited to be part of such a sensational moment in time. This week, we take a look at […]

  • Benefits For Guests…

    Money OFF! There are two things we like at the New Continental Hotel. One is History & Herritage and Two is Money Off! Combine them and what do you have: The History of PIZZA & £5 OFF! Did You Know..? Pizza is one of the world’s most popular dishes. It is enjoyed by people of all […]

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