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Are You The Organiser..?

What Role Do You Play..?

In every friendship group or social circle, there is that one person that you look to, the ‘organiser’.

The  person that you can rely on; they spend their lunch breaks and evenings researching the perfect break away or evening out. Getting the best price accommodation; the restaurants that will take groups; menu options that everyone will like; drinks that aren’t too expensive; all the travel options. That person that will go the extra mile with personalised straws or goody bags for the train ride!

Like that organiser in your friendship group – there is also that organiser at work. Organising the work nights out, the family summer BBQs and the works Christmas Party!

It can be a gruelling task as the organiser. The amount of work it takes can go unnoticed. It’s not that its not appreciated – because it really is – but the time it takes in an unknown quantity for some people if they haven’t been ‘the one’ themselves before.

For many people who take on this role as an organiser, their natural aptitude is to organise things but more importantly, it’s about seeing people having fun, letting their hair down and making memories.

Does This Sound Familiar..?

Experience tells is that ‘organisers’ are the people who text you first. The people who coordinate the calendar. They are the names and bodies behind the bookings.

They say that there are 7 key aptitudes when it comes to being an events organiser; both socially and professionally:

  • Great communication Skills
  • A People Person and Team Player
  • Willingness, Flexibility and a Positive Attitude
  • Highly Organised and Efficient
  • Head For Numbers
  • Attention to Detail and Pride in Work
  • Determination to Succeed, Stamina to Work Hard

Christmas With Us …

What you may not find on a Myers-Briggs kind of personality indicator is the human need for a little thank you and praise along the way. This is NOT at all the reason that people take on the role; but we know that genuine appreciation is a priceless gift that makes most people (we could go as far as to say ALL people) feel great.

We Want To Say Thank You…

That’s why here at the New Continental Hotel, since 2012, we have said a BIG Conti thank you to the organisers of our Christmas Party Nights. Be they parties for work groups or friends. If you are making a booking for 25 or more people, you get a FREE THANK YOU GIFT from us.

The organiser of any Party Night of 25 or more receives…

An overnight stay on the night of their party. The stay comes complete with Breakfast the next day and full use of Club Continental. So, you and a friend or loved one can get ready in style and relax without the worry of a taxi being late. You can make a casual but elegant entrance – even when it’s pouring outside! Then you can enjoy the flow of a beverage or two before heading to your room without the wait (or expense) of a taxi home. Wake up to a fully cooked breakfast and then head to the pool, sauna and steam room to relax and recharge, or work off  the night before in our air-conditioned gyms.

Indulge in the festivities and let us support you every step of the way.

We will help you make sure that everyone has the most amazing time and we promise we will help take the stress out of Christmas!

Call our events team now to check availability: 01752 276783.
It’s NEVER too early to ‘organise’ Christmas! 


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