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Very few people can say they have never felt lonely. Loneliness is by no means only a feeling felt by people who are getting older. Yet it’s certainly NOT an inevitable part of ageing. However, for some as they get older, they have less people around them who can lift their spirits and give them time.

As life blesses us with more fabulous years; so too comes with it difficult life events that many experience as they get older; such as bereavement, illness or reducing mobility. These can all be triggers that can cause isolation and so the feeling of loneliness can creep in.

Christmas is a time for many of us filled with family, joy and laughter. But for some Christmastime can heighten their feelings of loneliness.

Plymouth Live, together with Age UK Plymouth, will not only be raising awareness of loneliness and the feeling of isolation, but also bringing people together who would benefit from a good old Christmas get together!

On December 5, a special festive lunch will be held at the New Continental Hotel for…

We are thrilled to be part of this amazing Christmas lunch for 150 people and carers. We want to help make sure that older people in our community have a place to go, to celebrate the festive season this year.

Loneliness is a huge issue that affects people all year round. However we know that the festive season can be a particularly difficult time.  We are thrilled to be working with Plymouth Live, Age UK Plymouth and the many sponsors. Together we are offering a traditional Christmas to those who may not have had one otherwise. Complete of course with Christmas Crackers, Mince Pies, carols and fine company.

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