New Continental Hotel, Millbay Road, Plymouth, PL1 3LD

Tel: 01752 276798


Mr & Mrs Steve Hajiyianni

Steve Hajiyianni 1928-1996

Once again, the Continental Hotel changed hands in the 70’s, this time to a hotel group that already owned a hotel in Plymouth; the Duke Of Cornwall Hotel.

The Hajiyianni family had been involved in the hospitality industry in Plymouth for two decades before acquiring the Continental Hotel in 1984.

Steve Hajiyianni was always enchanted by the Continental Hotel’s impressive Italianate style design and its premier location; the jewel in the cities maritime crown, with its rich history and impressive footprint. In 1974, Steve tried unsuccessfully to purchase the hotel from Mr. Nevvar Hicket – he had to wait a further ten years for his dream to come to fruition. Mr Hajiyianni’s patience and determination paid off and he became the proud owner in 1984 when he purchased the hotel from the Plymouth Hotel Group.

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