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Environmental Policy

Version Last Updated – January 2019

At the New Continental Hotel, we are committed to green hotel policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for our future generations. We recognise the impact that our business has on the environment and we aim to be an increasingly efficient, green and environmentally friendly organisation. We strive to minimise any detrimental effects as a result of our family business.

By working together we can contribute to making a cleaner and safer environment and ensure environmental issues remain a focal point and receive the proper attention they deserve. We do all of this with a determination that being environmentally friendly will not hinder or affect our guests’ positive experiences with us.
In delivering our commitment we will:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations.
  • Seek to conserve natural resources through the responsible use of energy, water and materials, but also maintaining the quality of service expected by our guests.
  • Monitor performance and aim for continued improvement by reducing, re-using and recycling in areas such as energy consumption, reduction of waste materials and water consumption.

Where possible we will work with suppliers who have compatible policies for managing their impact on the environment and who share our ethical and responsible vision for the future.

Examples of everyday actions:

Recycling | including, but not limited to; paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, toner cartridges.

Saving Energy | Monitoring gas and electricity consumption on a daily basis with weekly updates. Use of low energy light bulbs. Use of motion detecting lighting. Re-use towels on guests’ request.

Reduction Of | Water consumption by the installation of new flush systems in our toilets.

Helping us be better:

At the New Continental Hotel we understand that by making positive choices we can all reduce our impact on the environment, as a guest, we welcome your support in assisting us to become a more sustainable destination with a brighter future. Please see the tips below on how you can do some small things to help us make a big difference.

Conserve Energy | Reduce energy by switching off lights and electrical items and closing windows if the heating is on. The Energy Saving Trust provides tips and information on what you can do at home too:

Eat Local; Buy Local; See Local | Support local producers and services, experience the true flavour of Plymouth and see our beautiful city by foot. Avoid cars if only for a day, many of Plymouth’s attractions are within a short walk of the New Continental Hotel; you can also see Britain’s Ocean City by land train too; information can be found in the New Continental Hotels reception. Additional information can also be found on our website:

Be Water Wise | Please use water wisely. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and consider our towel policy when your room is being serviced.

Reduce; Reuse; Recycle | If you have read a book whilst staying with us, do feel free to leave it behind. We work with local charities and organisations that would greatly appreciate your donation. If you have any unused toiletries, we have the collected and delivered to Plymouth homeless charities and again, your donation will be gratefully received.

Support our Social Enterprise City |There are many amazing social enterprises that report on a triple bottom line; not only creating innovative businesses, products and services, but also making ethical and responsible changes to our community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all of our guests for taking the time to read our policy and supporting us with our mission to make tomorrow better than today. We really appreciate your help. If you feel there is anything else we could be doing to reduce our environmental impact, please contact us by emailing:

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