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January and February are the two main months of the year when our family run hotel see’s it’s annual maintenance work happening.

We choose these months as they are the quietest and our aim is to always cause the least inconvenience as we possibly can to our guests.

As a Grade II listed Victorian Building, we will always have to carry out nips and tucks here and there, but will always do our best to be as transparent as possible. If work is required and we think it will impact our guests stay in anyway we will always ensure this is communicated with as much notice as possible.

Lift Out Of Service …

We are sorry to announce that during the 7th and the 19th January 2019 there will be no lift servicing the hotel. This is due to maintenance work that we have chosen to carry out during the quieter part of January to save inconvenience to as many guests as possible.

We have ensured that there will be an additional member of staff on duty for all check-ins and check-outs, to assist guests with their luggage and we will only be checking guests in to the first and second floor during these weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting us, we really will try and do all possible to make this as little an inconvenience as we possibly can.

Safety is our number one priority but we do still apologise for any inconvenience this closure may cause.

Vending Machine …

10.01.19 Our Vending Machine located in Club Continental is currently out of order. Technicians have been called and we are assured this will be fixed as quickly as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please Note | The bar is always open in the main hotel for refreshments.

Ballroom Bar…

This will not impact our guests’ stay; but some exciting news…

Our Ballroom is having a new bar purpose built on-site by local craft people. This will be a terrific new addition for functions as there are some very sleek, modern twists!

Watch this space! Opening Saturday 19th January 2019.

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