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Meet Paul Doidge; Executive Chef for the New Continental Group…

Paul Doidge is the Executive Chef for the New Continental Group, comprising of Steve’s Brasserie,  the New Continental Hotel, The Mission, The Dock and one other (soon to be revealed!). For  the last seven years he has truly made his mark. Paul was raised in Cornwall by his grandparents; he got his first taste of cooking during experiences in the kitchen with his grandmother, working in a hotel kitchen during school holidays;

“Having been involved in catering from a young age, some may think it was inevitable that I would end up being a chef. Only someone that really loves what they do, who have been fortunate enough to turn their passions into a profession, can truly understand the thrill of loving your career!”

“Food is a celebration of both life and family, being a part of people’s memories, whilst helping them to celebrate is why chefs do what we do!  Restaurants are important places, they are where food, culture and family fuse in many communities, Plymouth is no different and my team and I are thrilled to be part of something so alive and something that matters so much.”

“At the New Continental Group, we try to source the freshest most local ingredients; we buy ethically and responsibly and focus on sustainability. We are committed to supporting local businesses to produce simple, beautiful, tasty food to a consistently high standard. ”

Paul received most of his training whilst working in Bistro Bene, a family run, local restaurant. He worked there for seven years under various Head Chefs who all had different styles. Paul lives in Plymouth with his wife Aimee and two children Lyra and Isaac.

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