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Wedding Wise | The Ring Tradition…


Ring Tradition | Engagement rings…

You’re ready to pop the question; so what are you going to do next? Buy a ring, of course. That’s what you’re supposed to do…right?

Well, yes, but why? Don’t get us wrong here at the New Continental Hotel we think rings are gorgeous! We are very glad proposals include engagement rings and not engagement cards. But if you are willing to do anything for your soon-to-be spouse, why give a ring?

Actually, it’s a tradition dating back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed circles were symbols of eternity. Fast-forward to when the ancient Romans are believed to have started the tradition of betrothal rings but its symbolism wasn’t so much about love as it was ownership. The groom first gave the bride to be a gold ring to wear before the betrothal ceremony and at special events, then an iron ring to wear at home, signifying her binding legal agreement to his ownership of her.

Diamonds didn’t appear on engagement rings until centuries later. One of the first recorded uses of a diamond engagement ring was in the 14th century.  An Austrian Archduke proposed with a ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M” which set a new president for aristocracy and Europeans of wealth to use lavish rocks on rings.

Everything changed when diamonds were discovered in South Africa in 1880; Cecil Rhodes founded the DeBeers Mining Company. Within the decade, they controlled 90 percent of the world’s diamond production and turned diamond engagement rings into nothing more than an ad campaign. Once the Great Depression ended, the company’s ad agency launched its famous “A diamond is forever” slogan and encouraged men to spend two months’ salary on the rock. By the early 1940s, engagement rings became the leading line of jewellery in most stores and jewellers.

Now more than 80 percent of brides get diamond engagement rings. Sure it can be pricey, but it’s a whole lot more romantic than the earliest mating rituals: A caveman tied cords made of braided grass around his chosen mate’s wrists, ankles, and waist, to bring her spirit under his control!!

Now for Wedding Rings…

It’s pretty much a known fact that everyone wears their wedding ring on the left ring finger. But why?

Here at the New Continental Hotel, we went on the hunt to discover the story behind left hand ring placement and whether you have to follow this custom.

It is said that in ancient times, they believed that a vein ran straight from that finger to the heart, so it became traditional to wear the ring on that finger. The heart is just to the left of your body, so the fourth finger on your left hand is considered the closest to your heart. It is because of this belief that they nick named it the vein of love. A very sweet physical symbol of two hearts being connected, don’t you think?

Western cultures have more or less accepted this age old wives tale to be true, wearing the engagement and then the wedding rings on that left ring finger.

Many people in Europe, however, choose to wear their wedding rings on the right hand’s ring finger so ultimately, the choice is yours!

As for wearing a wedding ring at all, it’s completely up to your personal preference, but it’s of course a nice way to symbolise your union. If not, you may make like some celebrities and get a tattoo on that finger to signify your marriage — you can even do both if you want!


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What a four-day week..!


This week has been an unbelievably eventful week for us here at the New Continental Hotel; and we thought we would share some of our highlights and also some things that really stood out to us during this wonderfully sunny 4 day week!

The Gentleman Magazine |

Although we have the honour of welcoming both male and female ‘road warriors’ (!) to our hotel; it was truly amazing to be able to write a piece for The Gentleman Magazine’s second edition – using the data that we had captured throughout 2017.

The Gentleman Magazine is a British print & online publication celebrating everything from Fashion, Lifestyle, Automotive, Food & Drink, Horse Racing, Technology and more. Providing “Everything For Every Gent

The Samphire Club Lunch |

John Harvey, founder of The Samphire Club shared his first Samphire Club Lunch here in Plymouth this week at the Duke Of Cornwall Hotel, and the table was full of wonderful people ready to welcome him across the bridge and into Plymouth. The Samphire Club is a private members club that promotes a better way of networking throughout, and between, the South West and London.

Christmas…No, really! |

We had our Christmas photo shoot this week; once again calling on the talents of Nathan Croucher, an amazing young photographer with so much passion, knowledge, experience and natural talent, he is always a joy to watch at work. Eating Christmas Dinner and Festive Party Meals (no matter how divine)  in April was slightly surreal, the Christmas Napkins and Jingle Bells feel like they had only just been packed away! But with dates already selling out, the Christmas Brochure is set to land in the hotel in May.  Please don’t worry though – it’s only here for people that want it – we won’t be singing carols just yet, we have summer to enjoy first! 

Herald Business Awards |

As you may have seen in the last blog on the Herald Business Awards, it’s a really important day in the Plymouth calendar and last night’s awards were an amazing example of how fine our city is. Innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit was threaded though every conversation and although we didn’t enter this year, it was a true privilege to share in the success of our friends that both won and were shortlisted as well and celebrate just how rich our city is.

We were of course thrilled to hand over the Tourism/Hospitality Business of the Year award to Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa; another fine family business, with its new adjoining multi-million pound spa.

Weddings at the New Continental Hotel |

Easter weekend saw a record number of wedding enquiries for us here at the hotel, and this month we were delighted to have been asked to contribute to WeddingDates this month. 

We also have some of the most amazing bridal magazines here at the hotel, some worth over £5 each! If you are getting married; CONGRATULATIONS, and even if you aren’t planning your big day here, pop in and grab yourself some magazines – they really are very good and packed with even more top tips!  

Surprising Statements |

We can’t write a round up of the week without mentioning the somewhat surprising statement that was made by the Prime Minister this week announcing that on June 8th 2017 there will be a Snap General Election; claiming that it will bring ‘certainty’ as we prepare for Brexit.

Within the hospitality sector we were wobbled slightly by the uncertainly that sat within the patchwork of Brexit; the rising food and drink prices, the potential skills shortages and the possible shortfall of employees. The British Hospitality Association warned that businesses could be left with a gap of over one million workers in just 10 years if migration is restricted after the UK leaves the EU.    

The majority of the CEO’s within the hospitality sector backed the remain campaign, with a staggering three quarters not wanting the UK to leave the EU.

I suppose we will all now sit and watch, waiting to see what the next six-week of campaigns look like!

There is never a dull week at the New Continental Hotel and we would like to say a massive thank you to staff, friends and guests for helping us make this week, another great week. 


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Herald Business Awards 2017…

Bringing together successful businesses and business leaders from across all sectors, the Herald Business Awards 2017 are being held tomorrow at the Plymouth Pavilions…and we can’t wait!

With the aim of celebrating the city and region’s business successes, the black-tie evening ceremony will see guests welcomed ready to celebrate with each other the achievements and innovative working of many amazing organisations.  

Proud winners of two of the Herald Business Awards; we know only too well the sensational feeling that being recognised for your passion and commitment within your sector means;  not only to your business, but your staff too.

The Herald Business Awards  are a sought after accolade of achievement, an important date in your diary each year and a veritable endorsement of success in business which also offers the perfect platform for everyone to celebrate each other’s success and hard work.  

Standing alongside your peers, letting them know you recognise their sensational achievements is hugely important in the current landscape and for us; the Herald Business Awards represent a fantastic opportunity to shout about the great things happening within our city and region. With businesses of all kinds facing challenging economic times, celebrating the resourcefulness, innovation and hard work it takes to be successful is something we very much identify with and want to celebrate.

Of course, it feels unbelievably wonderful to win, and although we haven’t enter this year, we are hugely excited to be attending and supporting all of the amazing organisations that have been shortlisted.

It was an absolute joy to win both best Family Business in 2015 and best Tourism/Hospitality Business of the year in 2016; both awards recognised a lot of hard work put into creating and maintaining our culture; where both our employees and customers come first. In both categories we were up against some of the most amazing businesses and to have won is still an absolute honour to this day.

We would like to wish everyone shortlisted the very best of luck and can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow. 

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New To The New Continental Hotel For May 2017…

New To The New Continental Hotel For May 2017 …

Here at the New Continental Hotel, we have always worked hard to ensure a warm, friendly, family welcome, with a service that offers our guests’ the very best experiences during their time in our fabulous city.

This year we are adding an extra special something to eleven of our 99 bedrooms; we have some stunning rooms, but these eleven will have a more spacious feel, they will be extremely well appointed and offer the ultimate in comfort. Creating ideal rooms for either the business traveller or those simply wanting an extra special stay; the new rooms will offer exceptional comfort and tranquillity and really will be quite different from the rest.

Elinor Eaton, Development Manager explains: “With more and more people choosing Plymouth as their holiday destination, and a higher volume of business travellers within the hotel, we felt it was really important to redefine our offer. We are so proud to be the largest independent, family-owned hotel in Plymouth and will always strive to be the best we can be for our guests.”

“Detail and quality have been paramount throughout the rooms refurbishment, using fabulous local tradesmen and women as well as an amazing local interior designer, together they have really propelled the project forward – meaning it set to be completed in just under 12 weeks”

These Executive Rooms are being designed in an individual contemporary English style. They are spacious, with luxurious beds that can be twinned, a beautifully soft furnished sitting area and fashionable writing desk. Here at the hotel, we boast high speed, enterprise grade wireless internet access in all of our public areas, including the leisure club, bars and restaurants; with Wi-Fi also in our bedrooms. There will be flat screen TVs and deluxe tea and coffee facilities; as well as beautifully designed furnishings and fittings in both the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The experience for guests choosing the executive rooms will be further enhanced by additional touches such as luxurious bathing products, plush bathrobes and slippers, delicious treats and rich furniture to ensure that stays are both lavish and welcoming.

Blending old-world family hospitality, contemporary style, up-to-the-minute technology and crisp white linen we hope to ensure a luxurious stay and a sound night’s sleep for our guests.  

Elinor adds: “Every guest matters and we put a great deal of love, care and attention into all that we do and all that we have. Everyone can be guaranteed a clean and comfortable stay in any of our rooms, these eleven are no exception, it’s just that we listened to those travellers that were after a little something more and felt we must deliver in order to ensure everyone has something that’s right for them.   Plymouth is such a fine destination, offering a wealth of cultural attractions, not to mention fantastic coastal walks and cycling routes and an exceptional vista – and here at the hotel we are right at the centre of it. We are so very proud that we can continue to invest in our Grand Old Lady and by doing so invest in our city, putting the experience of our guests at the heart of everything we do.”

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New On The Menu…PIZZA!

New On The Menu … PIZZA!

It’s always exciting times within our Grand Old Lady; we work hard to continually evolve and ensure that we listen to our guests and what they want during their time in our hotel and our beautiful city.

The food within the hotel, be that for functions, weddings or diners enjoying Steve’s Brasseie is top notch, thanks to our amazing Head Chef; Rob Dunne,  and over the last few months we have noticed that many of our guests ordering Room Service, snacks at the Roma Bar or those dining  at Steve’s Brasseie have been frequently asking for an item we haven’t had on our menu…PIZZA!

When we decide to do something; it’s important to us that we do it as well as we possibly can. A half hearted pizza wouldn’t have worked for us (oh no!) so, we can now announce our pizza oven is in Steve’s Brasserie and is ready to go, go, go! Our pizza menu has been designed by our chefs and we are really excited – the feedback given by our lucky trialists (a fabulous perk of the job within a busy hotel – food tasting!) was amazing and so we know we have something very special on offer.

We pride ourselves on our food.  The quality of our local producers and the skills of our chefs mean we can offer some amazing dishes and creations, and by working closely with some of the South West’s  finest farmers and suppliers, we’ve designed some sensational pizzas that will definitely  make your mouth water!  

Served from 5.30pm until 10.00pm at Steve’s Brasserie, the Roma Bar and of course Room Service at the hotel;  tomorrow (Thursday 30th March) you will be able to order one of five specially designed pizzas, all handmade with fresh tomato sauce and  oven baked in our  pizza oven; creating the perfect 12” pizzas.

Steve’s Brasserie is situated within the New Continental Hotel; opened in 2010 and named after Steve Hajiyianni.  It offers the perfect spot to relax and enjoy fresh, local ingredients that have been cleverly and lovingly turned into sensational dishes by our talented and passionate chefs…and now the perfect pizza will be added to the list of wonders!

From the classic cheese and tomato combination in our Margherita all the way through to a new creation they like to call the ‘Continental Classic’, packed with Parma Ham, Chorizo, Sage & Sweetcorn; there really is something for everyone!


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Car Parking At The New Continental Hotel…

Gyms in Plymouth

Car Parking At The New Continental Hotel…

Every car park has a purpose; whether it offers free parking for customers, free or permit parking for staff, limited stay, pay and display … or a mixture of all of these! Here at the New Continental Hotel we are so very grateful that not only can we offer a warm family welcome and city centre accommodation, but we also 88 car parking spaces for our guests convenience.

Over the last six months, we have been going through a period of consultation with various car park management systems; all who were members of the British Parking Association and its Approved Operator Scheme.  After much consideration; we have recently entered into a relationship with ParkingEye and our hotel car park will now be managed by them from Monday 27th March.

As an independent, Family owned hotel, our priority has always been, and will always be our guests’ experiences whilst staying in our beautiful city. We were noticing that at times our guests were telling us that they were having difficulty parking and we could see that the cars parked within the hotel car park did not belong to any of our guests, our visitors or residents.

Over the years we have tried many measures to ensure and enable parking for our guests and haven’t seemed to be able to manage it at all times independently. People who use the car park seem to do so out of habit, convenience and sometimes simply through error, and at times this was having a huge impact on our guests. We wanted to find a solution that was effective and efficient to improve our guests’ experiences, minimising any potential for dissatisfaction when there were no spaces for them.

New and very clear signage has been put up in and around the hotel and car park to remind guests and visitors that they must sign in at reception; our amazing teams are on hand to answer any questions and actually, none of our guests, visitors and staff will essentially see any changes to how we have always operated.

We now have two bespoke terminals in our main hotel reception and in Club Continental. Our visitors will still receive complimentary parking; and our Club Continental Members will still receive their three hours free session parking, but now will simply sign in electronically rather than paper and pen!

Our regular guests are excited by the change and we hope that by having more spaces for our guests, they will have an even better experience during their time in Plymouth.

Car Parking At The New Continental Hotel – News Points:

Please note – all parking is still subject to availability and still cannot be guaranteed or reserved.

Guests |

Guests who choose to park with us will still have a small charge of just £3 for every 24 hours, and will now register electronically at our main reception terminals.

Club Continental Members |

Club Continental Members will still have their 3 hour complimentary session parking within the hotel car park, but MUST register for this now on the terminal at Club Continental reception on EVERY visit.

Steve’s Brasserie Dinners |

Steve’s Brasserie guests will still receive complimentary parking and will be asked for their registration upon entering Steve’s Brasserie.

Contractors & Visitors |

As always, all visitors must register at the hotels main reception and will be allocated their complimentary parking.

Please Note |

Anyone who is not a guest, member or visitor will be charged by ParkingEye, an external company, any  Penalty Notice tickets issued if validation is not given upon arrival is not now the responsibility of the New Continental Hotel.

The ParkingEye Management is to put in the measures required to prevent unauthorised parking and ensure a fair, firm and consistent approach is adopted for our guests experiences to be positive ones; the New Continental Hotel sees no other benefit from this external management system and has no control over penalties issued. 

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Join Our Team…

Gyms in Plymouth

Front of House Manager (Head Receptionist) | Full-Time

An exciting opportunity has arisen at the New Continental Hotel; we are currently looking for an experienced and talented, hands-on Head Receptionist, who has at least two years experience of running all front of house operations and has a flexible approach to working patterns as some shift work will be included.  

This is a unique opportunity to join Plymouth’s largest, independent family owned hotel. Since 1870, the Hotel has played a significant role for those who have lived, worked and travelled within Britain’s Ocean City; for the last 33 years we have been catering for those who value the amenities and service offered by a family run hotel. The New Continental Hotel has a rich history and is proud to provide a ‘home from home’ experience for all of our guests in a city we love.

As Front of House Manager, you will be an ambassador for the New Continental Hotel, Club Continental and Steve’s Brasserie and will manage and inspire your team to consistently provide exceptional levels of service and knowledge to all our guests.

As an independent hotel this is a great opportunity for the ideal candidate to get involved in many aspects of the business – you will naturally have the ability to deliver exceptional customer service combined with an ability to manage others, and promote a positive can – do attitude.

You will be experienced using hotel booking system, competent in reception duties, and have current, working knowledge of bar and restaurant operation.

What is the main purpose of the role? |

Our Front of House Manager will be someone who takes control, accountability and ownership for the management of all Reception and Reservation areas. You’ll promote a positive environment where colleagues are multi skilled to ensure the guest always receives the friendliest and most efficient service possible, whilst also working with the Development Manager to positively approach any sales opportunity to maximise revenue and exceed budgeted sales targets.

Working closely with your team, you’ll make sure that all colleagues are aware of each day’s business and any special requirements that guests may have. We are looking for someone with the ability to quickly build strong rapports as the role requires the frequent liaison with a range of other departments such as housekeeping, maintenance, Club Continental, the Kitchens and Duty Managers.

The Ideal Candidate |

We are looking for someone who ideally has at least two years Front of House Manager experience within a similar sized hotel with the ability to really motivate their teams and delegate effectively. A strong knowledge of the hotel/leisure sector is also key, alongside excellent organisation and time management skills.

Exceptional communication skills are a real necessity, and you’ll need to be able to build effective and strong working relationships with a range of key stakeholders in the business, as well as create a rapport with guests.

Candidate Attributes |

  • Confidence, excellent communication skills and a friendly/caring personality
  • Ability to communicate effectively with other internal departments
  • Effective at multitasking in a fast paced environment and always maintaining a calm approach
  • Forward thinker with ability to identify customer needs in a proactive manner
  • Passion for delivering high levels of customer satisfaction

Candidate Responsibilities |

  • Implementation and management of front desk procedures
  • Managing the front desk team’s shift patterns
  • Overall responsibility for the departmental operations
  • Compilation of weekly and period end sales reports and weekly reservations reports
  • Invoicing and ledger management, including payments
  • Training and developing staff members within the team
  • Processing daily transactions and accounts accurately and efficiently
  • Liaising with all departments to ensure guestrooms are properly prepared for arrivals
  • Promptly dealing with all guest messages and requests
  • Booking, updating, amending and following hotel protocol on all reservations accurately and in a timely manner
  • Managing hotel inventory and rates through the channel manager for hotel website and online travel companies

In return we offer |

  • A competitive salary (dependent upon experience)
  • 28 days holiday each year
  • Hotel based incentive schemes
  • Training and development opportunities within both the hotel and the company
  • Free meals on duty
  • Uniform
  • Free Membership at Club Continental

Apply |

The New Continental Hotel is committed to Equal Opportunities and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

All enquiries or CV’s for this position should be sent to 

Closing date for receipt of applications is Midday on Thursday 20th April

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Herald Business Awards…

Inspiring, supporting and celebrating success within a city we are so proud to call home…

The time has come once again for the sensational Herald Business Awards 2017,  held at Plymouth Pavilions on Thursday 20th April; although we have not entered this year, we will still be attending to celebrate with, and to congratulate, all those shortlisted and of course those who win.

For us, the awards are a time of great joy; we are still celebrating the last two years of awards; (Family Business Of The Year 2015 & Tourism/Hospitality Business Of The Year 2016) but as well as that, it really is a time when you see the innovation, passion and commitment that oozes from every corner of the city and shines brightly throughout our businesses.

Plymouth is alive with businesses and individuals that have weathered an ever-changing landscape and survived great storms; these award evenings are a time when we should all get together, inspired by our own diversity and unite with the knowledge that our city really stands out, that our businesses find strength by collaboration and that tomorrow will be brighter because of the passion, commitment and vision within our business community.

With the shortlist now drawn and announced, we wish everyone the very best of luck. To have been shortlisted is tremendous and seeing the businesses within each category makes us truly grateful that we don’t have to pick a winner! 

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Join Our Team!

Gyms in Plymouth

Join Our Team | Night Porter (PT) at the New Continental Hotel, Plymouth…

We are looking for a passionate and ambitious Night Porter to join the Concierge team at our award-winning, family  hotel.

The New Continental Hotel is the largest independent, family owned hotel in Plymouth and we have a unique opportunity for a Part-Time Night Porter to join our busy team.

As a Night Porter you will possess excellent communication skills and be passionate about providing exceptional service to our guests. You must maintain high knowledge of Hotel information and special events in order to respond to guest enquiries. You will be an excellent team player, and have excellent communication and guest care skills. You will have pride and attention to detail in your work. In addition, you will have a good knowledge of Plymouth and the local area. Ideally, you will have proven experience within a similar environment, however not essential as full training will be given.

This position is to cover two nights per week (16 hours). The main responsibilities will be to provide a polite and efficient service to all hotel guests, in line with hotel procedures and policies, whilst achieving maximum guest satisfaction. The ideal candidate will be able to maintain standards of guest care as defined by the hotel and company.

Main duties/responsibilities |

* Meeting and greeting guests * Answering the telephone, taking late night enquiries * Keeping the reception area clean and tidy * Maintain cleanliness and upkeep of public areas – internal/external * Looking after hotel security and guest welfare * Performing a variety of general duties.

Entry Requirements |

*A can do spirit where nothing is a problem. *Show integrity in all decisions * Enthusiastic in delivering service excellence. * Possess the ability to work under pressure whilst maintaining attention to detail. * Has an excellent command of English, both spoken and written. *Display a polite and professional attitude to internal and external guests.

The successful candidate will be able to multi-task, have a confident personality, works well under pressure and able to communicate in an effective manner with all our guests and fellow team members.

You must be able to work over a flexible Rota and also be committed in achieving a quality service to our guests. In line with current legislation requirements you must be eligible to work within the UK or already hold a full and valid work visa.

Package benefits |

  • Meals on duty
  • Provision and laundry of uniform
  • Performance review and personal development plan
  • Internal transfer and promotion opportunities
  • Support in the development of your career

Apply |

The New Continental Hotel is committed to Equal Opportunities and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

All enquiries or CV’s for this position should be sent to

Closing date for receipt of applications is Midday, Monday 20th March 2017. 

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Happy Pancake Day…

Happy Pancake Day! 

If nothing more, what’s not to love about a day dedicated to food!?

Shrove Tuesday is the day that precedes Ash Wednesday and is determined by Easter each year as it always falls 47 days before.

With food being such an important element of our Grand Old Lady, we adore nothing more than talking about it; and our staff have been sharing their favourite toppings and recipes, so we thought we would share them with you too!

The New Continental Hotel’s ‘Top SIX’ are:

Crushed Oreo’s and chocolate power added to the mix and fill with cream!

Regular pancake with a layer of peanut butter with strawberry jam and banana finely chopped!

PRESECCO darling! Using this bubbly recipe! 

Regular pancake with tinned peaches and vanilla ice-cream!

Add cinnamon into the mix and top with sautéed apple and a little honey!   

Goats Cheese and Rosemary pancakes using this amazing recipe!

However you like yours, we hope you have an amazing pancake day and the thing we love more than all; it’s the perfect food to make, eat and enjoy together with those that you love most!


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