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Staff Share Their BEST Things About Christmas…


Spending time with your family and friends surely hits everyone’s top spot! It’s true, you may get tired of hearing the same embarrassing stories about the time you did ‘that’ thing when you were five; or the stubbly kiss from your Great Aunt Winnie; the forced feeding of sprouts and then that deep, dark cringe when you hear ‘you’re next’ – for the annual game of charades!

…But, this all being said, there is something magical about Christmas and the way it makes us all warm up inside with fuzzy excitement at the very thought. Whether you have family traditions, cosy days in or you take it in turns to host; Christmas holds something very dear to everyone, including all of us here at the New Continental Hotel.

Working in hospitality means Christmas is busy, but staff at the New Continental Hotel LOVE Christmas. The twinkly lights, the smiley faces, the late night shopping and everything in-between and we love nothing more than sharing our Christmas with friends; both old and new.

We wanted to share our top FIVE favourite Christmas things, things that have already got us excited about the coming weeks!

At FIVE: Dec the Halls! We have so many beautiful Christmas Trees and decorations scattered lovingly throughout the hotel from November, with carols playing softly in the background and lights down low; the dark nights and warm hotel glow spell ‘Christmas’ to us all!   

At FOUR: The Smell of Christmas! The best and truest of all treat for the senses; the smells from the kitchens! So hard to describe but oh so good! The mix of mulled wine simmering, stock bubbling, meat roasting and just love lingering; when it hits your nose, your brain instantly realises that it’s almost time! It’s almost Christmas!

At THREE: Friends gathering! The foyer is full, the bar is packed and friends and family unite. The love felt during this festive time sends pulses throughout the hotel and we LOVE it!

At TWO: Christmas Party Nights! When you see the glamorous entrance of those who have worked hard all year round and are now celebrating the successful end of their year together with fine food, great company, dancing shoes and the odd pop of a champagne cork! They are the nights we remember!

At ONE: Christmas Day! When people choose to crack their crackers with us! Christmas Day at the hotel is by far the most magical day of the year. Even Father Christmas chooses to spend an hour with us!

**We still have a dates left for those last minute party bookers – call now – it will soon be Christmas!!!!! **

Call: 01752 276797
Christmas BROCHURE 

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Checking In With Housekeeping…

For many of us, checking in to a hotel means that this is your time to relax and unwind and soak in the comfortable beds, the little packs of biscuits with the special tea and coffee sachets, the beautiful baby toiletries and the feeling of simply being pampered…

…but behind the scenes, what goes in to those pristine rooms, the rooms that make it so easy for you to kick back and relax..?

Our Housekeepers are our heroes! We don’t know how they do it! With our heavy, luxurious mattresses, the crisp white linen sheets, the stacks of pillows and towels, the long corridors and the 99 rooms…the job seems endless and with check-out at 11am and check-in at 2pm – the task is a big one.

We ask our wonderful Head Of Housekeeping, Sophie, what goes in to making sure we can kick back and relax after all their hard work:

Why do we have an 11am check-out and a 2pm check-in?

We always try, where possible, to accommodate an earlier check-in if requested, but it can be difficult.

Preparing a hotel room for a new guest can take twice as long as cleaning a room for a guest who is staying over, and on days with multiple check-outs, my ‘ninja warriors’ have to work extra hard to make it through their full inspection list, which in some cases may have over 100 check points!

There are so many more things than you might think that must be attended to, when getting your room ready for a check-in; cleaning is not just dusting and hovering what you see, but it’s all the things you don’t see too. TV controllers, telephones, under and behind furniture, pelmets and curtains and more to boot! Also making sure that everything is well replenished and that the appropriate welcome packs are in place.

It’s not just making the beds wrinkle free – these ladies and gentleman in some cases have just 25-30 minutes to ensure everything is as it should be for guests to have the very best experience during their stay.

What is the best thing about a Housekeepers job?

All of our housekeepers work really hard to ensure everyone has the best experience possible, and the very best thing for all of us is when we can see that they are. We try to be invisible, to make it seem like the rooms have magically cleaned themselves, but when people do acknowledge us in the corridor, or leave us little thank you notes, it’s a really big boost. Returning guests are also wonderful; we have so many that either say ‘Hello’ or ‘Thank you’ and remember us even by name sometimes; it’s really heartening. 

What advice would you give people in preparation for their check-out?

Our Breakfasts are served from 7.00am – 10am and check-out is 11am; so many people leave it until the last minute to go to breakfast not realising that our breakfast offer is amazing! We have freshly cooked full-English to order, continental classics, cereals, yogurts and great coffee! Once guests get there, they wish they had given themselves longer! Giving yourself time to check-out is really important. We always recommend that you do a last minute final sweep of the room too; leaving things behind can be so frustrating for guests. People often forget to check in the bed! I know that sounds crazy, but you normally pack on an unmade bed; leaving wrinkled areas that things can tuck themselves away into; phone chargers and make-up items are most common!  Pockets in bathrobes often hold stowaways too! Plug sockets often have chargers left plugged in, so when checking, don’t just check the obvious – check the peculiar too!

What would be your top housekeeping tip?

We really don’t want to wake people up or disturb them during their stay; if guests are checking out, their room is one of the first on the list to do-over; ready for the new guests to arrive. We always suggest that you put your ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door even on your day of check-out, that way we can see that you are still there and not have to knock to check and disturb you.

Another top tip would be that reception keep spare sachets of tea, coffee, sugar and milk; if you know you like a couple of teas in the morning or only drink decaf coffee; make sure you ask them on your check-in -  they will happily give you some extras. It just means you can have that morning hot drink without worrying about not having enough supplies!



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Spooky Secrets; But Are They True..?

Is this a story about love; or is it about losing yourself to love. .?

On Tuesday 6th August 1907, a dreadful tragedy occurred at the Albion Hotel near Millbay Train station.  

For some time Mr and Mrs MacLoughlin had been separated, due to Mr MacLoughlin’s love of whiskey; not allowed to live as a single women Mrs Macloughlin could only leave her husband if she was to be provided with a live in place of employment. In February 1907, Mary Ann MacLoughlin gained this employment as a live in housekeeper at the Albion Hotel, here she was happy and loved her new found freedom and profession, working among people she now called her friends.

William MacLoughlin remained in the family home in Compton with his two young children, the elder two siblings were in employment at nearby farms in both Tavistock and Callington.  

On this dry, clear Tuesday in August something came about William; an uncontrollable urge to claim his wife once again. He strode in, uninvited to the hotel and found his way to the still-room in the basement.

Into the still-room William marched; with alcohol on his breath and passion in his heart.  He waited, crouched in silence in the corner of the darkened room waiting for Mary Ann to arrive.  

With the sound of a gun firing, Mathew, the page boy, ran downstairs  to the still-room from the lobby; through the archway and down the narrow stairs with only a dim light to guide his way. He could hear nothing but deep breaths and felt a cold chill in the air. With his heart pounding, Mathew discovered the tragedy, his colleague Mary Ann on the floor and the stranger with the smoking gun standing near her limp body.

He screamed and sobbed and then saw William proceed to shoot himself.

A letter was then found on the man when the police came,  in it he wrote in affectionate terms to his wife; promising he would find a way to give up the drink and that they would have a future together, somehow, someway, sometime.

What do you think; could this be True or is it False..?

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Plymouth Lights The Way!

Well, in our eyes, Christmas is not here until the lights tell us so!!


Christmas is coming!!

The Christmas Lights switch-on, here in Plymouth, launches the Christmas countdown for many of the staff here at the New Continental Hotel; but it also most definitely marks the start of Thursday night’s late night shopping!

From 4pm on Thursday 16th November,  there will be a host of entertainment for the whole family. There will be a stage in the city centre Piazza, complete with confetti cannons fired the moment the lights go on!!  

The stage programme, which starts at 4pm, will include performances from Plymkids, Disney Princesses, Plymouth Performing Arts Academy and popular band Rockafella.

A giant Nutcracker will also be on stage to mark the launch of the popular Nutcracker Trail and much, much more.

With the Lights being switched on at 6.25pm…it leaves you time for the start of your Christmas shopping, or better still, a spot of something delicious to eat and perhaps a toast to Christmas 2017! 

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Remember, Remember The 5th Of November…

If like us here at the New Continental Hotel, you remember your childhood with your annual 5th November Bonfire in the green…

…the burning effigy of Mr Fawkes in pride of place; your bonfire pickled with shiny foil holding your jacket potato; a pocket full of pennies for the Guy and a decent chunk of Parkin Cake for after wedged in your pocket!!

If you do, then you too will have the fondest of memories as that little one watching the fairies dancing in the flames, with mittens and a rosy glow on your cheeks because you were  standing just a little too close to the fire! The next morning, that smoky ash smell on your scarf and some toffee apples in the fridge!

Well, join us as we relive our youth this year on the 5th of November as Plymouth host a bonfire and fireworks display on The Hoe.

There’ll be fairground rides opening from 4pm, catering stands and a whole host of entertainment with Radio Plymouth starting around 6pm.

As the night draws in and the temperature drops, this event is sure to warm up when the bonfire is lit at 7.30pm and the fireworks display is set off from the citadel.

So, wrap up and head out for a night full of memories. 

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Be Afraid…

The Barbican is full of history; perhaps the most celebrated being that on 16th September 1620 the Pilgrims Fathers set sail in the Mayflower to form the Plymouth Colony in America.

Before 1620 and thereafter, the Barbican has many a tale to tell! Its cobbled streets could share many a story on days gone by! And with this history in mind, what better platform to host some extraordinary Halloween events and activities this month!

They include things like the Petrifying Pumpkin Trail!  The Ghastly, Gruesome and Grim; where you creep around the Barbican with Blue Badge Tour Guide Janie for Gory Stories that will make your skin crawl and your hair stand on end! Ride the Ghost Train, Creepy Kids’ Craft workshops, Cruise of Lost Souls, Family Fright Night at the Aquarium and a whole, scary lot more!

Things for the entire family to gasp at, so this year, make Halloween a fright night to remember!!

See here for more information! (If you DARE!) 

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Hotel Facts That We Think Will Shock You…

It’s Wednesday – that means for most of us we are three days into our working week – go us!

With October half term just around the corner and holiday hopes kicking in, we thought it would be fun to share three holiday/hotel facts that we think you might find rather interesting! 

Hotel Rooms |

I think we have all stayed in a hotel at one point in our life, but did you know that there is an estimated 15.5 MILLION hotel rooms around the world to choose from – and 99 of them are ours!!

Most Expensive |

There are many sensational hotels around the world, but some come with a hefty price tag! So, if you feel like splashing out (rather than splashing in to those October puddles!) we think we have found you the most expensive!

The Royal Penthouse Suite in the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva will set you back between $61 and $84 THOUSAND a night! A NIGHT! At a steal you can stay at the New Continental Hotel from just £70 per night – but this is not a competition!

Oldest |

We are proud of our Grand Old Lady standing tall and proud in Plymouth for over 150 years and we think that her recent ‘nip and tuck’ has preserved her glory! But did you know, we think the oldest hotel in the world is 1300 years old! That is the (get ready!) KoShi NishIyama OnSen KeiUnian in Japan – old but also VERY fabulous!

We hope you like our Wednesday wisdom sharing – we had so much fun exploring our sector! Let’s see what we can unearth next time!! 

(Some facts taken from the Intercontinental Hotel Group Report and some from good old Google!) 

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The West End Food Fayre returns to Frankfort Gate…


Plymouth’s West End Food Fayre is making a return to Frankfort Gate this month for the second consecutive year.

Taking place on Saturday September 30, from 10am to 4pm, Michelin Star Chef, Peter Gorton, will once again be cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

The Plymouth City Centre Company event is being held in conjunction with Plymouth Market’s Grand Day Out; a feast of family fun, including live music and street entertainment, to mark the market’s £3.5 million refurbishment.

Using seasonal produce provided by market traders, Peter will be showcasing a number of tasty treats that can later be tried at home. The cooking demonstrations will take place at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3pm.

Peter will also be judging a children’s cup cake decorating competition. Sponsored by Lawson’s, Sweet Harmony will be showing how to decorate a cup cake with the Cookie Monster (10.45am), Unicorns (12.15pm) and Roses (2.15pm). Head along to the Food Fayre to pick up tips on how to decorate a winning creation before making your own.  Prizes will be awarded to the best creations.

The marquee will include a selection of food and drink traders selling a range of delights, such as fudge, flapjacks, oils, scotch eggs, cheese and Riverford boxes. We are also proud to announce that our sister company; Kuku Sushi Bar & Robata will also be there on the day supporting this amazing event.  As well as food there will be a pop-up Prosecco Bar and The Jagger Gin Bar.

 Steve Hughes, Chief Executive of the Plymouth City Centre Company, said: “We’re delighted to welcome back Peter Gorton for the cooking demonstrations. And I am looking forward to sampling his work.

“With the market celebrations going on at the same time, there is going to be a fantastic atmosphere in the West End and we hope people come along to see the improvements and just what this area has to offer.” 

Hours of fun can be had with workshops and demonstrations, classic cars, street entertainers and the final of Plymouth’s Top Talent.

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The Magic Of Love…

The Magic Of Love…

Nothing says love, life and happiness quite like a wedding celebration between two soul mates who have finally found each other.

Trends, themes and colour schemes come and go, but the real heart behind a wedding is our favourite thing to witness here at the New Continental Hotel, and still gives us Goosebumps every time.

Seeing the nerves build up the closer the couple get to their date; then on the day, their entrance down the red carpet; the guests looking so beautiful as they wait in anticipation to join in on this magnificent memory; the blending of two families about to start their very own adventure and then, then the moment that we have all been waiting for, when the rest of their life begins.

The giving of one love to another; the declaration that this day will be the start of many years of happiness to come together. The smile that you see beaming from the inside out when they become threaded together and their love has been given completely.

You see weddings aren’t just about the sashes and bows, they are about the magic that happens when two people say ‘I Do’.  When they work hard together to overcome the hurdles that life throws, and still they see that they are right for each other. When they make that leap of faith that yes, the rest of our life is just that; our life, together forever. 

Those moments are the sparkle that give us all hope, they are what we all feel grateful to be part of at every wedding at the New Continental Hotel, and that to us is the magic of love. 

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Meetings & More…

Gyms in Plymouth

Are you holding a meeting, event, conference or workshop?

Are you looking for more than just a venue in Britain’s Ocean City?

We may have the perfect solution here at the New Continental Hotel.

As Plymouth’s largest, independent family owned hotel we don’t only pride ourselves on the service we offer our guests and their delegates, but also our facilities. With super fast enterprise grade Wi-Fi in all of our public areas, ample parking and a fine city centre location; our Grade II listed Victorian building, home to 99 Bedrooms and 4 Function rooms as well as Club Continental, makes the perfect venue in our beautiful city.

What’s more, your staff and delegates attending your event get FREE access to Club Continental, our in-house Leisure Complex. .

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take advantage of Club Continental, a great addition to your event. Your guests and delegates can de-stress from their busy day, perhaps take a dip in our indoor heated pool, or use our sauna and steam room – maybe even work-out in our air-conditioned gyms!  

All of this access for FREE with their New Continental Hotel delegate day pass; simply quote Conference In Plymouth and email for more information.

What’s more, your employees can also benefit from Club Continental with our Corporate Membership offer. We know that employees are a company’s most valuable asset; so we can help you make sure they are looked after with our specifically designed opening hours, our city centre location and our FREE on-site parking. For more information call: 01752 276780 today! 

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