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New To Club Continental…

Club Continental Plymouth

Concept2 SkiErg…

It’s truly exciting times at Club Continental over the next coming weeks and months, the first new addition to the Club will be the Concept2 SkiErg, making the sport of Nordic skiing available to all of our members.

Long recognised as delivering one of the toughest workouts around, Nordic skiing develops both strength and endurance and exercises the legs as well as the arms and core. The SkiErg can be used for both double pole and classic alternating arm technique.

The SkiErg uses the same flywheel resistance and electronic monitoring systems as our indoor rower, the proven choice of rowing athletes around the world since 1981!

As well as being durable and well built, the SkiErg is sophisticated too, with an advanced monitor that provides immediate, accurate performance data.

Whether you’re an elite cross-country skier looking to improve your poling power, a weekend enthusiast wanting to get into shape for the ski season, or just someone looking for a great workout, the SkiErg will help you achieve your goals and it’s coming SOON!

What’s more, over the next few months, we will also be creating a new deadlift area and installing a power rack…

This is an amazing time to be part of Club Continental, not only will you have the friendly, motivating environment that really cares about your goals, but professionals on hand to support, empower and enable and an ever evolving gym that strives to be the best we can be, for each of our members and guests. 

For membership details please call 01752 276780, or pop in, say Hi and view our facilities for yourself!

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Adam Puts Club Continental On The Leader Board…

The indoor rowing world records are the fastest times and distances for the world record events as set by Concept2, achieved on Concept2 rowers. Last week, Club Continental Manager, Adam took to the rower to participate in the open heavyweight category. 

Beating his personal best and coming fifth on the leader board, we couldn’t be more proud.

Thousands of people have already discovered the thrill of racing on our indoor rower here at Club Continental through Concept2 and if you are a member of the Club and ready to join Adam on the ranks then this is how you go about it…

Concept2 has a number of challenges throughout the year. Many of these reward consistency and total metres instead of speed, giving an extra incentive to work out regularly. You can also feel good that you are part of the larger Concept2 community, as well as the Club community, even if you work out alone!

Ask Adam for more details or check out their website for more info.

Once again Adam; from all of us, well done and keep being fabulous!

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Shifts In Corporate Events…

Driving engagement in the world of business events is less about scattering pop-up banners and business cards around an empty room with the same people always attending, and more about sending messages on the right channel, to the right people, at the right time …and actually in the right place!

Over the years, due to our central location, great accessibility and parking, the New Continental Hotel has welcomed many varied and innovative corporate events to the hotel. More recently with our enterprise grade Wi-Fi we have been able to secure some amazingly creative events, some introducing Tokyo, Dubai and Australia to Plymouth via the use of smart technology.

What we have seen is a real shift in the corporate event structure. There is a growing understanding in the business world that, as the focus switches to the experiences of delegates, engaging people in the why and how is the best way to get them to make the right decisions.

Engagement is a huge part of the process, adding value with key note speakers and workshops, giving tools that people can take away to support their role within their business… but there are other elements that can be used to nudge behaviour in the right direction too.

There’s real evidence here at the hotel, which falls across all sectors, showing that well thought through, unique events really work.

Elinor Eaton, Development Manager for the New Continental Group says that events that are held in a central location, with support on marketing and new introductions to contacts really work:

“…over the last three years we have seen a huge nudge towards events that a free for guests, that give value and really understand the needs of those coming. We have had great workshops with amazing key note speakers, updates on activities and plans in the city and the newest being ‘reflection’ events. Companies are still selling a product or service to their delegates, but everyone leaves with something and as advocates for the company if not customers.”

“A client I recently spoke to has seen an increase of 28% on the attendants of their events over the last three years, but a whopping 32% on the uptake of their products purchased from those attending.

The New Continental Hotel has four fabulous function rooms, with free break-out spaces and ample parking. Our food is sensational and our service warm, friendly and professional. To find out how we can support you with your next event, call today and speak to a member of the team about the potential exciting collaborations.

tel | 01752 276798
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FREE Wif-Fi & Parking for all guests.  Additional value can also be added with Club Continental Day Passes and Steve’s Brasserie discount cards to all delegates, talk to a member of the team to find out more today.  

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Greek Night…


A night not to miss…

Greek Night! | Saturday 13th October 2018 | 7pm | New Continental Hotel 
Take your loved one or a group of friends to the next Greek Night. Not only will you have an amazing evening hosted by Chris Kallis Solicitors,  you will also be supporting two sensational local charities.
Enjoy wonderful Greek and Mediterranean food, live music and dancing, along with the stunning atmosphere and friendly hospitality that is characteristic of Greece and the Mediterranean.
Enjoy the food, sit back and relax, enjoy the hospitality and take in the wonderful music, and if you are up for it, join in the lively and simple Greek dances that everyone can enjoy.
Come along and join us for a fabulous night.

Get your tickets now so you don’t miss out.

Tickets on sale NOW! £45 each or a table of 10 £400

call | 01752 225060
email | 


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A Brolly By The Sea And A Tummy Full Of Glee..!

A Brolly By The Sea And A Tummy Full Of Glee..!

They say that April showers bring May flowers; but what about May storms?! Although we have been blessed with some amazing sunny days (including Bank Holidays!) it’s still depressing when the rain falls and the sky becomes grey once again…

BUT holidaying in Plymouth is never dull and fear not – the weekend looks bright!

Flavour Fest is celebrating 15 years of fabulous foodie heaven this weekend and once again, we are thrilled to be taking the stage and being part of a monumental event. 

Enjoy the rest of your half term and join us at Flavour Fest. An action packed weekend of food and festivities – a truly GREAT weekend in Plymouth.

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Celebrating Being Social In Plymouth…


Celebrating Being Social In Plymouth..!

Next week, we will be celebrating the amazing generosity, innovation and support that volunteers give to so many places in Plymouth during Volunteer Week 2018. So we thought, what would be better this week than to also celebrate the amazing social enterprises and community groups and activities that are happening throughout the year. 

Plymouth is a hot-spot for social enterprise activity and is developing as a global ‘social enterprise city’. Not many people know that Plymouth has the most active social enterprise networks in the country and Plymouth University is the world’s first officially certified ‘social enterprise’ university. There are around 150 social enterprises in the city, all working in a wide range of sectors including education, health, arts, environment, food, finance, housing, business support, sport, social care and many more.

Community Cinema 

One of our favourites is a 
community cinema at the Devonport Guildhall. It’s called Red Velvet Cinema and screens classic films such as 39 Steps and Casablanca. It’s enchantingly nostalgic and a really great way to explore the richness within our community. Their next viewing is on Wednesday 6th June at 10am.  You can find out more from their Facebook Page, which updates you on the screenings, or by visiting the Devonport Guildhalls website page. 

Exhibitions & Displays

Legal Tyranny: Conscientious Objection in the Three Towns 1853-1914

Also on at the Devonport Guildhall, but you’ll have to be quick, are free interactive exhibition which is part of the 2018 Plymouth History Festival. 
Ending on the 3rd June, this is curated by staff and students from the University’s School of Law, Criminology and Government. There are public talks on the theme of social policy initiatives, state intervention and personal choice. You can find out more here – but act fast so you don’t miss it!

Plymouth – From Destruction To Construction 
On the fifth floor of House Of Fraser you can grab a glimpse at the destruction caused in Plymouth during World War II. This exhibition includes fascinating objects, images and footage from the collections of Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and the South West Film and Television Archive that explore the themes of destruction and reconstruction. Visitors of all ages can experience the inside of an Anderson Shelter, dress up in a range of replica clothing and learn more about the construction of House of Fraser itself. It’s FREE and there is no need to book! You can read more here

Useful Links…

We have highlighted just a few great things coming up, but there is ALWAYS amazing activities and events on in and around Plymouth. Here are just a few useful links to sites we love, that will help you explore the beauty of Plymouth… but there are loads more! 

2018 Diary – Plymouth History Festival

Visit Plymouth’s fully loaded website

Latest event news from the Real Ideas Organisation 

Plymouth Herald has a great what’s on guide

Celebrating Plymouth, One Plymouth  has it’s finger on the city pulse!

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Privacy Policy May 2018

Welcome to the Privacy Policy of the New Continental Hotel Plymouth.

We are committed to preserving the privacy, integrity and security of the personal information we hold about our customers and those who make contact with us. We have developed this Privacy Policy to explain how we manage and use this personal information and to ensure we comply with our legal obligations under applicable data protection laws.

New Continental Hotel Privacy Policy May 2018

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Head Chef, Rob Dunne Talks Business…

Restaurants With Rooms…

Elinor Eaton, Development Manager for the New Continental Hotel talks to Head Chef, Rob Dunne to hear his thoughts on hotel restaurants and why the landscape might be shifting…

You have mentioned the concept ‘Restaurants With Rooms’ – can you explain why changing the narrative is so important to you and your chefs?

I think that there is certainly a developing shift in people’s mindsets around hotel restaurants – in the mid-nineties it was a really popular choice for many; with diners certain that they would receive a great service and sensational food. The service and food hasn’t changed, but I think it just fell out of fashion with the influx of great high street, centrally located restaurants, and big chains that could invest in neat marketing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with these style settings, I often go with family and friends, but I think there is a real difference in an independent setting, not necessarily better or worse, just different. I think for many chefs in the hotel industry it can be disheartening to know that you are a great chef, offering sensational food, but people are choosing the bigger chains.

Many of us Head Chefs within the hotel sector are changing the narrative we use when describing our in-house restaurants, now calling them ‘restaurant with rooms’ – a concept that I personally really like. It is not only important for the diners, but also young talent working their way towards the kitchen. Within the Tourism & Hospitality sector, the New Continental Hotel works really hard to engage and encourage young people to be taken by a profession within our sector. The energy and talent is certainly there, but we lose many to stand alone restaurants, not because they are better, but I feel because there is a gap in communication when exploring their futures and being connected to hotels to have a taste of what it’s like to take your skills and talents here.

As diners are starting to return to smaller independent hotels, the ‘local’ dining experience is really growing and I think that will really help both the independent restaurants, but also the recruitment of talented young chefs.

You mention the shortage of young people engaging in the sector; is that something that is replicated when recruiting experienced chefs?

Mid-range skilled staff can be tricky to recruit; I have a great team around me and I always like there to be plenty of development and CPD opportunities in place; we also offer great apprenticeship placements which is always exciting to be part of. Chefs are naturally quite nomadic! We tend to move around, I am lucky the majority of my team have been here for some time but I am also aware that with more and more restaurants opening in Plymouth, there will be a lot of competition for great chefs. Another reason why I am so passionate about getting a younger generation to be as enthused as us oldies! We will be recruiting very soon for another chef to join the team, so I will let you know!

We often talk at the New Continental Hotel about being ‘fit for purpose’, what changes have you seen over recent years and how have you changed to fit?

Building any restaurant is really hard, but in these times it’s tough, not only because competition is so fearsome but socially too. Diners are rightly more conscious of what they eat and where it is from. Being able to track and trace suppliers has always been at the top of a chefs agenda, and I think it’s really great that its also on our diners list too. Ensuring our guests know that all of our ingredients are both fresh and locally sourced is essential and I am really pleased about that. I also think a massive change has been the advance of diners who are Gluten Free and Vegan; as an independent hotel and restaurant we have not only great choices on the menu, but the autonomy to be able to cater with bespoke, tailor made options for guests who really struggle with their requirements.

When you are out and about looking for a dining experience, where is your Plymouth choice (other than Steve’s Brasserie of course!)

I really like The Mission. It is part of the New Continental Group, but that’s not why I like it! The food is always really good; the quality of the ingredients and the talent in the kitchen is amazing. The venue itself is also breathtaking; I really do like The Mission.

What is your favourite dish on the menu in Steve’s Brasserie at the moment; I know you have just had a Menu change.

That’s really hard! I am a steak man! Our 8 oz Fillet Steak with all the trimmings and peppercorn sauce is delicious! I also really like the Lamb Shank and Pork Belly – in fact I can’t choose! I like all of it

What is the bestselling dish on your new Menu?

I think maybe the Fish & Chips with seaside treats has been the most popular lately.

Last question!

What do you love most about Steve’s Brasseie?

Easy! Our open theatre style kitchen. As chefs we are so often hidden away and actually what we do is really great to see. I like that we are a part of our diners experiences, as much as our food!

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Lord Mayor’s Festival | Plymouth City Centre


ord Mayor’s Festival | Plymouth City Centre 

Saturday 26 May, 10am to 4pm

There really is lots for everyone to enjoy at the Lord Mayor’s Festival and dinosaur fans are in for a real treat at this prehistoric-themed day out – a roar-some time is on certainly on the cards! 

Follow the dinosaur trail around the city centre for the chance to win great prizes, take part in a fossil dig and meet Tiny, a 125 million year old dinosaur brought to life by the wonders of modern science. There will also be a packed programme of entertainment in the Piazza and performances from local dance and theatre groups on stage, all as we welcome Plymouth’s new Lord Mayor, Councillor Sam Davey.

This annual event offers the perfect family day out in Plymouth.

See the entire programme here! 


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Royal Wedding | We Love The Little Ones..!

There is no doubt about it, the Royal Wedding this weekend oozed love. It was a beautiful moment between two people that you could visibly see were thrilled to have found each other and looking forward to their lives together.

But more than this, what we here at the New Continental Hotel really loved to see was how many children were involved in the ceremony. Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge along with their little friends really looked to enjoy the entire experience.

We love a wedding packed with little ones sharing in the magical moments and have some highlights of weddings past where we have seen the children enjoying the love as much as everyone else!

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